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[FAQ] Where can I find more information about smart DACs?

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: DAC53401-Q1, DAC53401, DAC43401, DAC43401-Q1, DAC53701, DAC53701-Q1, DAC43701-Q1, DAC43701, DAC63204, DAC63204W, DAC63204-Q1, DAC63202W, DAC63202, DAC53204W, DAC53204-Q1, DAC53204, DAC53202, DAC43204, DAC63004, DAC63004W, DAC63002, DAC63001, DAC53004, DAC53002, DAC53004W, DAC53001, DAC539G2-Q1, AFE439A2, AFE539A4, AFE639D2, AFE53902-Q1, AFE43902-Q1, AFE539F1-Q1, DAC43901-Q1, DAC43902-Q1, DAC539E4W

This post will serve as a landing pad for content surrounding TI's smart DACs. If you are brand new to smart DACs, you can start with our introductory video titled: What is a smart DAC? If you have any related questions to the below topics, please create a new post using the "+ Ask a related question" button.


Informational Videos

What is a smart DAC? | YouTube

Simple logic for analog with smart DACs and AFEs

What is a smart AFE? | YouTube

Smart AFE for TEC control

Smart DAC & smart AFE – Technical Overview | YouTube

Smart DAC vs digipot applications


Applications - Technical Articles, Blogs and Cookbook Circuits

What is a smart DAC?

Considering TI Smart DACs As an Alternative to 555 Timers

[FAQ] How do I program the NVM of a smart DAC or AFE in production?

[FAQ] DAC53204W: How do I use standard PCB process with a DSBGA packaged smart DAC?

PCB Design Guide With 0.4-mm Package

Programmable, High-Current Sink Circuit With DSBGA Smart DAC

Smart DAC Sine-Wave Generation Circuit

Programmable Comparator Circuit Using Second Generation Smart DAC and Fault-Dump Mode

Demystifying Medical Alarm Designs With Smart DACs

Demystifying medical alarm designs, part 1: IEC60601-1-8 standard requirements

Demystifying medical alarm design, part 2: Design inputs and existing techniques

Generating pulse-width modulation signals with smart DACs

How smart AFEs offer an integrated analog solution for thermoelectric cooling control

Digital input to PWM output circuit using smart DACs

Programmable comparator circuit with buffered digital potentiometer

Programmable comparator circuit with hysteresis or latching output

Smart DAC circuit for appliance light fade-in fade-out

Voltage margining and scaling circuit with current output smart DAC

Voltage Margining and Scaling Circuit with a Voltage Output Smart DAC

Negative Voltage Margining and Scaling Circuit With Voltage Output Smart DAC

Smart DAC LED Biasing Circuit with Low-Power Sleep Mode

High-Side Current Source LED Biasing Circuit Using Smart DACs

LCD Digital VCOM Using the DAC43701 

Closed-Loop TEC Control Circuit Using a Voltage-Output Smart AFE and DC/DC Converter


Tools and Simulations

DACX3X0X-PWR-CALC - DACx3x0x family power-consumption calculator tool

DACX3X0X-SINEWAVE-CALC - DACx3x0x family sine-wave calculator tool


DAC53701 PSpice Transient Model

DAC53701 Laser Biasing Simulation 

DAC53701 Programmable Comparator With Hysteresis Simulation

Smart DAC LED Fade-In Fade-Out Calculator - DACx3701


TI Tech Days Presentation - New TI Smart AFE and Smart DAC for adding intelligence to analog without software at low cost

Automotive applications - live recording

Automotive applications - presentation

General applications - presentation


A few smart DAC devices are listed below:



LED or LASER biasing, voltage margining, slew rate control, waveform generation, programmable comparator, non-volatile memory

DAC53401, DAC53401-Q1

DAC43401, DAC43401-Q1

LED or LASER biasing, voltage margining, slew rate control, waveform generation, programmable comparator, non-volatile memory

DAC53701, DAC53701-Q1

DAC43701, DAC43701-Q1

LED or LASER biasing, voltage margining, slew rate control, waveform generation, programmable comparator, non-volatile memory 

DAC63204, DAC63204-Q1, DAC63204W, DAC63202, DAC63202W

DAC53204, DAC53204-Q1, DAC53204WDAC53202


Ultra low power. LED or LASER biasing, voltage margining, slew rate control, waveform generation, programmable comparator, non-volatile memory 

DAC63004, DAC63004W, DAC63002, DAC63001

DAC53004, DAC53004W, DAC53002, DAC53001

GPI to PWM, programmable look up table, non-volatile memory, standalone mode


PI control loop, ADC, non-volatile memory, standalone mode

AFE639D2, AFE539A4, AFE439A2

Multi-slope thermal foldback control loop, ADC, non-volatile memory, standalone mode

AFE53902-Q1, AFE43902-Q1

Constant power dissipation control loop, ADC, non-volatile memory, standalone mode


Sequential turn indicator, LED fade-in-fade out with GPI trigger, non-volatile memory, standalone mode 

DAC43902-Q1, DAC43901-Q1

Programmable comparator-to-GPO, programmable look up table, non-volatile memory, standalone mode


You can find more information about precision DACs here:

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