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TPD2EUSB30: Part recommendation please

Part Number: TPD2EUSB30
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: ESDS314, TPD4E05U06, TPD4E1U06, ESDS304, TPD2E2U06

Hi team,

I am looking for a transient voltage protection for SGMII CML lines (1.25Gbps + 100ppm), rise time is 60 to 300ps. Total jitter must be less than 192ps.

The interface goes between two ethernet switch chip. there was a TI part that was used for USB3.0 that worked out very well. What can you recommend?

The SGMII lines are differential CML lines and there are only two pairs. I was also considering the USB3.0 protection parts TPD2EUSB30. Will this work? 

would the TPD4E1U06 or TPD4E05U06 work too?



  • Hello,

    I would recommend TPD4E1U06 or TPD4E05U06 over TPD2EUSB30 as the protection level is higher. Also if the signal is just 3.3V you could also look into ESDS304 or ESDS314 which have our highest level of protection.

  • Hi Cameron,

    Since they are looking at 2  channel devices, would the TPD2E2U06 work too? there is higher capacitance here and I want to make sure we satisfy their speed requirements stated above.

    also, the ESDS304 is a bidirectional device and this is what is recommended in the ESD protection guide:

    "Unidirectional ESD protection devices are recommended for Ethernet applications because they offer superior protection in the negative direction."

    also for the ESDS314/12, although unidirectional, the capacitance here is +- 4.5pF which seems high for their speeds.

  • Hello,

    Yes the TPD2E2U06 could also work as the signal speed is not very high.

    Unidirectional devices or bidirectional devices can be used on unidirectional signals. My point is that ESDS304 is our lowest clamping family of the devices that would protect better than our other unidirectional parts.

    The capacitance is high on the ESDS314 part and would take up most of their loss budget so it would be challenging to use.