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[FAQ] DP83TD510E: Does my DP83TD510E need to be initialized to establish link?

Part Number: DP83TD510E
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F5529

FAQ – Does my DP83TD510E need to be initialized to establish link?

The DP83TD510E is a 10Base-T1L PHY that can link between devices up to over 2km of SPE cable. TI’s preproduction samples require an initialization script to tune the device to establish link, while the released device eliminates the need for register configuration before link-up is ready.

Which revision of silicon do I have and is initialization required?

The revision of silicon can be found in MII_Reg_3, address 0x03 with the following legend:


Register MII_REG_3 (0x0003)

Initialization Required

Engineering Samples



Final Production




What are the initialization registers for Engineering Samples?

When auto-negotiation is enabled, the DP83TD510E will resolve the Master/Slave relationship as well as output operating mode with it’s link partner without needing to be set by the designer. Forced modes can be used by designers to fix the Master/Slave setting of the PHY as well as output operating mode on both sides of the link.

The initialization scripts for Auto-negotiation as well as Forced Master/Slave and output operating mode can be found attached below:






Can I use the on-board MSP430F5529 to program the PHY to initialize on start-up?

Yes! The MSP430F5529 controller can be flashed with firmware that will program the necessary registers on silicon that requires initialization. Please note, that it is not necessary to flash this firmware on production silicon as it will treat each DP83TD510E device the same. You can use the DP83TD510E-EVM-Driver.txt to flash the self-initializing firmware on EVM's with the sample silicon.


Can I find a description of each register in the initialization script?

The registers set  in the initialization script are used to tune the internal digital and analog blocks of the PHY for establishing over the channel. These will not be included in the datasheet. The production silicon sets the default register values so that no tuning is needed and the PHY will establish link on start-up.