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[FAQ] Are there voltage level translation / level shifter device recommendations for the industry standard interfaces like GPIO, SPI, UART, I2C, MDIO, RGMII, I2S etc?

FAQ: Logic and Voltage Translation > Voltage Translators >> Current FAQ

Here are the voltage level translation device recommendations for various industry standard interfaces:

Interface Recommended Device
3.6V Maximum 5.5V Maximum
FET Replacement 2N7001T (Q1) SN74LVC1T45 (Q1)
1-Bit GPIO / Clock Signal SN74AXC1T45 (Q1) SN74LVC1T45 (Q1)
2-Bit GPIO  SN74AXC2T245 (Q1) SN74LVC2T45 (Q1)
2-Pin JTAG / UART SN74AXC2T45 (Q1) SN74LVC2T45 (Q1)
I2C / MDIO / SMBus TXS0102 (Q1) / LSF0102 (Q1) TXS0102 (Q1) / LSF0102 (Q1)
IC-USB SN74AVC2T872 / TXS0202 NA
4-Bit GPIO SN74AXC4T245 (Q1) TXU0104 (Q1) 4+0 Bit  / TXU0204 (Q1) 2+2 Bit / TXU0304 (Q1) 3+1 Bit
UART SN74AXC4T245 (Q1) TXU0204 (Q1) 2+2 Bit
SPI SN74AXC4T774 (Q1)  TXU0304 (Q1) 3+1 Bit
JTAG SN74AXC4T774 (Q1) / TXB0104 (Q1) TXU0204 (Q1) 2+2 Bit
I2S / PCM SN74AXC4T774 (Q1) / TXB0104 (Q1) TXB0104 (Q1)
Quad-SPI TXB0106 (Q1) TXB0106 (Q1)
SDIO / SD / MMC TXS0206 / TWL1200 (Q1) NA
6-Bit RGMII TXV0106 (Q1) NA
8-Bit GPIO / RGMII TXV0108 (Q1) / SN74AXC8T245 (Q1) SN74LXC8T245 (Q1)