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TM4C1294NCPDT: difference between CodeComposer 7 BootLoader and CodeComposer 10

Part Number: TM4C1294NCPDT
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At my company we used in the past th CodeComposer 7 environment and we did not use "boot_emac_flash" or any other sw. we just had the project we developed and we used the far away programing LM flasher service.

Today, using CC (code composer) version 10 I am using the "boot_emac_flash" as something basic to burn to work with and then my project itself that is burned (at address 0x4000).

1 - What is the diference between the 2 bootloader ways? 

      when I want to upgrade from ver 7 to ver 10 it cannot be done.

      I have systems with over a hundred boards each , with version 7 CC and I need to update it to version 10 with the new code version, that can't be done, only via serial service.

2 - Is there a way to have this LM flasher service using CC 10 version without needing "boot_emac_flash" ?

3 - If (2) isnt posible, how can I upgrade the CC 7 version project to my new CC 10 version code using the LM flasher (for my over 100 boards systems).

  • Hello Maccabi,

    I apologize but I want to make sure I clarify one key element of your question before I try and answer.

    Is the situation essentially that you developed a customer boot loader from scratch without using TivaWare boot loader code which works in CCS v7 but not CCS v10?

    Best Regards,

    Ralph Jacobi

  • No No

    First I have to say I made a mistake, and what I wrote "when I want to upgrade from ver 7 to ver 10 it cannot be done" - it CAN be done, just it takes a long time to connect (which fooled me).

    Now I can clarify a bit more.

    When having the project under CCS 7 the ROM based bootloader was used. When changed to CCS 10 the former programmer here, received a recomendation to change to FLASH based bootloader (where system reads address 0x0000.0004 when starts up), using the boot_emac_flash project. 

    I would like to understand how I can bring the system back to work with the ROM based bootloader, because I do not see any preference for the FLASH version from our point of view.



  • Hello Maccabi,

    You can use the ROM boot loader by using the below code:

    JumpToBootLoader(uint32_t ui32SysClock)
        // Disable all processor interrupts.  Instead of disabling them
        // one at a time (and possibly missing an interrupt if new sources
        // are added), a direct write to NVIC is done to disable all
        // peripheral interrupts.
        HWREG(NVIC_DIS0) = 0xffffffff;
        HWREG(NVIC_DIS1) = 0xffffffff;
        HWREG(NVIC_DIS2) = 0xffffffff;
        HWREG(NVIC_DIS3) = 0xffffffff;
        HWREG(NVIC_DIS4) = 0xffffffff;
        // Also disable the SysTick interrupt.
        // Return control to the boot loader.  This is a call to the SVC
        // handler in the flashed-based boot loader, or to the ROM if configured.

    Best Regards,

    Ralph Jacobi