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Cortex M3 NRND status

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LM3S818, LM3S618

I just completed three designs using Cortex M3, and now they are all NRND?!?  Currently, there are no direct replacements for my M3 designs with the new M4 ones, so my questions are going to be obvious, but need to be asked:

Will my M3 parts (LM3S618, LM3S818, LM3S5R31) continue to be WIDELY AVAILABLE and for HOW LONG?

Will there be M4 parts with small package size (like 48LQFP) be available, and when?

Are there plans for M4 replacements of M3 parts (especially those listed above) that are drop-in replacemens (pin-compatability, electrically, etc.)?

Is there a cost increase for M3 parts?  For M4 parts?

I read another forum question that had some answers, but I need the specifics and re-assurance.  Also I'm sure that others will soon find out about their M3 parts being NRND and look for the answers here.


urgently yours,


  • Hello blechman,

    blechman said:
    Will my M3 parts (LM3S618, LM3S818, LM3S5R31) continue to be WIDELY AVAILABLE and for HOW LONG?

    Here is the link to TIs standard obsolescence policy that should help address your concerns: Policies & Procedures: Texas Instruments Quality and Reliability Handbook

    blechman said:
    Will there be M4 parts with small package size (like 48LQFP) be available, and when?

    There is currently no timeline for a smaller M4 package. However we will continue to evaluate our customers needs to ensure we provide innovative devices in the desired IC packages.

    blechman said:
    Are there plans for M4 replacements of M3 parts (especially those listed above) that are drop-in replacemens (pin-compatability, electrically, etc.)?

    To provide our customers with more integration, lower-power, and more advanced technology, TIs Cortex-M4F devices will not be "drop-in" replacements. TI is dedicated to providing a migration path for our LM3S customers with our LM4F line of products and other TI procressors such as MSP430 MCUs, C2000 MCUs, and Sitara MPUs.

    blechman said:
    Is there a cost increase for M3 parts?  For M4 parts?

    Please contact your local TI sales or distributor for pricing of TIs M3 and M4 devices.

    Thank you for using Texas Instruments.


  • Alex,

    The link posted above doesn't exist, and so doesn't answer the question. 

  • I think it is worth pointing out that other manufacturers are going the same way. They are trying to focus on ARM -- but only leave the older 8/16 bit processors for older business. Others have not de-emphasized Cortex M3 to the point TI has -- but you can see it coming -- like NXP for example... M3 is still active -- but people who are using their older processors are hearing "suggestions" that they should move to newer technologies -- preferably M0 for light duty.

    From what I can see there are enough bugs in the M3 lines (everywhere, all manufacturers) that manufacturers have to update their (mechanical) design and manufacturing processes -- if that is the case, I can see their motivation to move on the M4 and leave the M3 behind.

    This is something I dug into this weekend.

    Having said that I believe the older processors should be left up -- with the recommendation to switch if possible being made.

  • Exactly.  

    Moving the LM3S to NRND status and removing them from the parametric search when there are no parts currently available in mass quantities in the encouraged upgrade path, and no parts matching specific capabilities of many of the LM3S parts in the current recommended upgrade path leaves the customer feeling abandoned, and encourages him/her to look to another vendor.

  • Like yourself I have just completed an M3 design, complete with ethernet, on a part that has been around for just over a year to find it has been changed to NRND.

    I find it astounding that its status changes like this when there is no clear product replacement, in the M4 series. There is the Concerto series, but a significantly physically a lot bigger.

    I raised a technical query and got the standard company line - about it being around for as long as its required etc etc etc.

    But if its removed from the parameter list of parts, replace by ones most of which are in preview status by the way, its use will naturally decline rather significantly rather fast.

    In by humble opinion TI have really messed up here and have taken their eye off the ball, and whoever made this decision should be called to account.





  • JohnA said:
    DigiKey and they have no plans to carry any more, since it is listed as Not Recommended for New designs

    Andy Neil said:


    So we have a self-fulfilling prophecy here: TI say the parts will be, "around for as long as its required", but distis stop stocking it "because it's NRND" - thus, effectively killing the demand!

  • I think the best bet is to contact this fellow:

    R. Gregory (Greg) Delagi became senior vice president and general manager of Texas Instruments Embedded Processing business in June 2012, leading the company's Microcontroller, Digital Signal Processing, OMAP and Wireless Connectivity businesses.

    TI's embedded processing portfolio is one of the industry's broadest: from ultra-low-power or real-time control-optimized MCUs… to general-purpose ARM processors… to power-optimized OMAP processors… to singlecore DSPs… and ultra-high performance multicore processors. Additionally, TI provides the industry's broadest suite of wireless connectivity technologies that attach across these products.

    Phone: (512) 434-1560

    You are likely to be put off to a secretary, but ask for an email so you can send a short note explaining your problem with the NRND status and why you think it is bad for TI as well. Reference this thread.

    If I had a dog in the hunt this is exactly how I would do it -- but more likely by phone call. If nobody talked to me I would move up to the CEO then the chairman of the board via a letter to the board.

    On the face of it this looks like a bad set of decisions by someone at TI.

    For my low volume purchase which most likely would be M4 anyway -- it is not a big issue -- and there are other suppliers if I do need M3.

    Only one supplier of M4 has a dual core board with Ethernet -- that will be my next purchase if there is no news. I need Ethernet.

    Addendum: Considering he has a BSBA and not a B.Eng. it is likely that he has never been on the spot to support an old design -- so has no gut level idea of the consequences of the decisions being made.

  • I phoned TI and asked for Greg Delagi.

    First I got a lecture wherein it was explained to me that one could not phone TI and ask to speak to a senior executive. (The lady seemed outraged that I would dare to ask for an audience -- maybe I was wrong though maybe it was the bad connection.)

    Soooo... I explained the NRND issue and asked who I should talk to. I pointed out that the NRND decision had to have come from his office. I pointed out that a support engineer would not likely be able to change the decision and that the complaint would have to be dealt with by senior management -- even if it was decided to ignore the complaint -- that was at least a decision.

    I left my home phone number and suggested that they could call me at any time and I would explain the issue politely and leave the rest to them.

    In the past I have been in a similar position to Greg Delagi and any call from anybody was accepted by my admin assistant  -- many clients even called me at home with urgent matters -- the assistant would pass the call to me if she could not resolve the issue on the spot. All calls were returned. Our sales were well over $1B a year -- just sayin'. Nobody ever got outraged no matter who was calling... In the past I have dealt with executives from IBM, Sun, Apple, Microsoft, DEC, Honeywell and CDC -- never got a story like today. Now I realize that I am a nobody these days... but still... In the past I bought $ millions of dollars of TI goods per year -- nobody had trouble taking my calls then..

    Not that I expect a return call...  but it would be nice.


  • Dave,

    I posted this on the other forum, but for the sake of thoroughness, I sent you a friend request so we can sync up offline. Happy to discuss over the phone.