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MSP-FET: 'Exit: 60 Verification Error' with MSP430Flasher and MSP-FET

Part Number: MSP-FET
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430FR5969

I have looked at two threads here dealing with similar Exit: 60, Verification Error issues but neither of them was of much help to me.

I am attempting to load a file (blink.hex) to an MSP430FR5969 through the MSP-FET, using MSP430Flasher, but am getting a Verification Error.

  • The code is a simple led blink script that I have verified works. I loaded it through the board’s ez-fet debugger with mspdebug to verify.



I can load the Firmware.txt file that comes with the MSP430Flasher installation without an issue. But running my .hex file produces:

Exit: 60

ERROR: Verification Error

I am trying to figure out what makes one work while the other doesn’t.


The Successful Load vs The Unsuccessful Load

SUCCESS: Loading Firmware.txt with MSP430Flasher

Using the Firmware.txt file works perfectly:

MSP430Flasher.exe  -e  ERASE_ALL  -w  Firmware.txt  -v   -z  [VCC]

Yields the result:


FAIL: Loading blink.hex with MSP430Flasher

I converted the blink executable to .hex with:

msp430-elf-objcopy -O ihex blink.o blink.hex

then attempt to load code with:

MSP430Flasher.exe  -e  ERASE_ALL  -w  blink.hex  -v   -z  [VCC]

Yet get the output:

Thank you in advance.

Jazz Jackson

  • I should have spent more time on the problem before posting here.

    I figured out the issue was with the Makefile (particularly the CC Flags) I was using. I created a new one and now everything works perfectly.

    I apologize for the hasty post.