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MSP430F6720: Energy saving techniques

Part Number: MSP430F6720

Hi Team,

My customer is working on a project and the main criteria is energy saving.

Could you please suggest some good techniques for the following case.

We have to power the MCU from a measuring voltage (I<1mA), may be because the battery is empty.
Due to an additional external watchdog, the load on the supply has increased slightly. This increase causes the unit to turn on later.
What options are possible for the controller to save even more energy? every uA counts so that the device turns back on sooner.

The VCC of the controller is about 1.8 - 1.9V.
The SD24 is switched off.
The PMM is still at its default values.

Thank you in advance,


  • Hi Needhu,

    Let me make sure I understand the requirements.
    You indicate that the MCU is powered from a voltage source and must consume < 1uA from this source - correct?
    This voltage source is 1.8 to 1.9v - correct?

    What is the clock source and what frequency does the MCU operate at in active mode?
    Is the MCU being placed into low power mode whenever possible? Which low power mode?
    While in low power mode, does the system use any clock source?
  • Hello Needhu,

    It has been some time since your last response, so I'm assuming you have resolved your issue and I will be closing this thread.
    If this is not the case and you need additional help, you can re-open this same thread.