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MSP430F2132: exchange proposal

Part Number: MSP430F2132
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F2272, MSP430G2755, MSP430F2274, MSP430G2544, MSP430G2744

We currently using the MSP430F2132 in a project.

We now have more features to implement and we expect to need more flash memory (16kByte) and more SRAM (1kByte).

Since we do not want to rewrite the software completely, the replacement should have the same peripherals as the MSP430F2132, but it does not have to be pin-compatible because we will also develop a new PCB.

Which MSP430 could you recommend to us?


  • Hi Alen,

    I'd recommend you the MSP430F2272/74. This is definitely technically from parameters, features and modules the closest device with 32kB of memory, and thus should mean the least migration effort.

    Another option might be the MSP430G2xx series with MSP430G2544 (lower cost) or MSP430G2755. These devices have basically the same architecture and features as F2xx, but reduced specification and tests compared with MSP430F2xx! Still the migration should be as easy as with MSP430F2272. The missing point with MSP430F2272 is the comparator. Here the MSP430F2274 offers 2 OPAs, which can of course be used also as comparators, though not offering a comparator interrupt. This would require feeding the OPA output to a GPIO, or Timer Capture input. OPA output and GPIO input interrupt can be active at the same pin simultaneously.

    Best regards


  • Hi Peter,

    The type MSP430G2744 seems to be suitable for our future application.
    The missing comparator of the MSP430G2744 is not a problem in this case because we did not use this peripheral anyway.

    The "reduced specification" probably refers to the missing comparator and the slightly higher power consumption. Are there any other differences in the specification that I might have missed?

    And what does "reduced tests" mean?
    Thanks, Alen
  • Hi Alen,

    no the statement on reduced specification has not been related to the missing comparator. It is really the reduced set of specified parameters. The background of this is the cost impact of production tests. Testing time in production means costs. The MSP430G2xx should be lower cost compared to MSP430F2xx. The reduced test costs are the main portion of it. 

    I'll give you one example on the two devices, which probably enables you seeing it throughout the entire datasheet.

    e.g. active current MSP430F2132

    in comparison with G2744 active current specification

    As you can see, the set of specified parameters is significantly reduced. Keep in mind, only the things specified in the datasheet are guaranteed by tests at production. Of course you can assume the same or very similar performance comparing MSP430F2xx with MSP430G2xx, as it is the same architecture, and in most cases same module design. But in terms of tests at production, and the number of tested parameters, with the MSP430G2xx the set of tested parameters is limited. Thus especially when using these devices at the edge of performance, needing parameters not specified in the datasheet, you need to be mindful of the potential process variations.

    I hope this gives you a better understanding.

    Best regards


  • Hi Alen,

    under the assumption your question has been addressed sufficiently, I am closing the thread.

    Best regards