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Compiler/MSP430F5329: msp430_driverlib_2_91_11_01 Fatal Error[Pe1696]: cannot open source file "msp430f5xx_6xxgeneric.h"

Part Number: MSP430F5329
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP430F5529,

Tool/software: TI C/C++ Compiler

I just downloaded the latest driverlib 2_91_11_01 and attempted to build the emptyProject - Debug.  This is the project that came with the downloaded zip file.  The missing file is not in the zip that I downloaded.

- mssp430F5329

- IAR Embedded Workbench 5.51.4. 

Where can I get the file?



  • Hi James,

    I'm looking into this.  Have an answer shortly.

  • Hi James,

    I'm using IAR 7.12.4 and did what you did.  I didn't get this error. Note, this emptyProject is based on MSP430F5529, not that makes any difference.

    I did find that this file is referenced in the driverlib.h for an inc/hw_memmap.h and in there I found a reference to this file.

    But I did not find this file in any of the the driverlib files.

    After some further digging, I discovered there used to be a "deprecated" directory in driverlib where this file lives.  There is actually one for CCS and one for IAR.

    I zipped this directory and added to this thread.

    Just un-zip it in the driverlib\MSP430F5xx_6xx directory as shown here.

    I need to discuss with our driverlib team to see why that is no longer included.

  • Hi Dennis Lehman,

    Adding that folder structure got things moving!  Thank you.

    I did get a warning Warning[Pa050]: non-native end of line sequence detected (this diagnostic is only issued once) C:\Users\.....\driverlib\MSP430F5xx_6xx\deprecated\IAR\msp430f5xx_6xxgeneric.h 1

    And many errors [Pe020] Identifier is undefined for the following:




  • Hi James,

    Hmmm.  I'm really surprised at this level of driverlib maturity that these types of issues happen.

    Working with the software development team to figure this out.

  • Hi James,

    I had a chance to discuss with our driverlib team.

    According to them, the issue might actually be that you are using a very old version of IAR and it it recommended that you upgrade.

    Here is the comment from the team:

    "The issue that the customer is encountering is that it’s supposed to pull from his IAR install 430/inc/msp430f5xx_6xxgeneric.h. But for whatever reason it’s not there. I suspect his version of IAR is so old that it doesn’t have it. Back in the day, when the latest version was that old version, we included the msp4305xx_6xxgeneric.h in a deprecated folder since the toolchains did not natively carry them anymore. They should now."

    Does this help?

  • Hi Dennis,

    Using the file you provided I was able to get past the original problem.  Thank you very much for the quick turnaround.\

    Still using the emptyProject, I now get many errors about the following variables being undefined:


    In the msp43f5329.h file I found :

    * SYS - System Module
    #define __MSP430_HAS_SYS__            /* Definition to show that Module is available */
    #define __MSP430_BASEADDRESS_SYS__ 0x0180

    I am thinking that the SYS_BASE is the new name for __MSP430_BASEADDRESS_SYS__ and that a #define would fix the issue, can you please confirm that? If that is all that is wrong, I can live with that.  The schedule is rather tight and I would prefer not spending time dealing with upgrading the compiler at this time unless absolutely necessary.

    Thank you so much for all your help!


  • Hi James,

    I have passed this along to our driverlib team.

  • Hi James,

    Here are the comments from our driverlib team:

    I have also attached the latest version of the MSP430F5329.h header file in case there is anything else different.


  • Hi James,

    I haven’t heard from you for a couple of days now, so I’m assuming you were able to move forward with your project.
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