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LP87332A-Q1: J6Entry for PMIC POWER LP87332A

Part Number: LP87332A-Q1
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: LP873220-Q1, LP87332D-Q1, LP873220, TPS51200, LP87332D, LP8732-Q1, LP8733-Q1


 LP87332D-Q1  and LP873220-Q1. all the output voltage was normal and we follow power on sequence.


But we fine the EN_TPS51200 (LP873220_GPO2) and  SW_3V3 (LP87332D_GPO), PORz


(LP87332D_GPO2), (LP873220_GPO), and also PGOOD was the same 0V.


what`s happen the GPIO? it`s look like setting mode selections?


If any suggestion, Please advise me.




Best regards,




below as schematic.



  • Hi Lawrence,

    The GPO/GPO2 and PORz pins are open-drain signals. It looks like the only pull-up on the PMIC_REGEN_DDR signal is to VSW_3V3. But REGEN_DDR is the enable signal for the VSW_3V3 switch. So I expect that VSW_3V3 is not active, and therefore there is no pull-up domain for the PMIC_REGEN_DDR signal.

    I suggest you modify the PMIC_REGEN_DDR signal to be pulled up to VSYS_3V3 with a 10k resistor. Please let me know if this fixes your issue.

  • Hi, Karl,

    I have the same question as Lawrence.

    Thanks for your suggestion. After pulled up PMIC_REGEN_DDR signal, the signal is correct.

    But I have a new question, J6 Entry can't boot from SD card (QSPI and eMMC are both empty), there isn't any message on UART1 TX.

    My condition is

    a. Power up sequence as LP8733-Q1 and LP8732-Q1 User’s Guide to Power J6Entry Figure 2.

    b. booting loader (518202 J6 entry EVM board version) in SD card.

    c. choice SYSBOOT[5:0]= 0b100010 => SD boot.

    d. Use 19.2MHz crystal on J6 Entry and sysboot[9:8] = 0b11 (19.2MHz is 518392 J6 ENTRY LOW REF version ).

    e. reset signal (porz) is high.

    We try to change booting loader to 518392 J6 ENTRY LOW REF version(download from web), but it still without any message on UART.

    (Maybe the download 518392 loader isn't correct.)

    Could you advise me what to do?

    Thanks a lot.

  • Hi Ryan,

    I'm glad your first issue is resolved.

    Could you use the "Ask a new question" button to post a new thread with part number DRA71x, or whatever the part number is that you are using? Since your question is related to the processor booting instead of the power solution, this will route your question to the J6 Entry team who could better help you.