TPS22953: Leakage Voltage

Part Number: TPS22953
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Why the IN pin has leakage voltage about 4.xV when there is a 5V supply at OUT pin. In the TPS22953, it coming with the Reverse block feature, isn't?

In the circuitry, the SNS pin is pull up to OUT pin via resistance. Is that a problem? any suggestion?

Here is the application circutry.


Brian W  

  • Did you analyze that in spice?

  • Did you analyze that in spice?

  • Hi Brian,

    We do expect some small leakage to flow in reverse during the reverse current blocking event:

    SNS being pulled to OUT is not an issue.

    At this time, I am not sure why there is a voltage on VIN when OFF. It might be because of the input capacitances not being discharged. Could you please share a waveform that shows VIN, VOUT, EN and current going into the device? Assuming there is a significant reverse path, this current should be negative.

    I also noticed that it looks like you are using this device to OR two supplies. Would a device like TPS2116 be better suited for this application? This is a low voltage power MUX and it is used for applications where two supplies are sent to one output depending on a set of conditions (priority, higher voltage, etc).