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[FAQ] 66AK2H12: UART examples for K2H EVM in DSP core

Part Number: 66AK2H12

How to run UART examples in TI-RTOS SDK for K2H EVM in CCS?

  • To run the NIMU EMAC example for K2H devices make sure the prerequisites are present.

    1. Install CCS (,
    2. Install PROCESSOR-SDK-RTOS-K2HK  06_03_00_106
    3. Generate the Example Projects (

    Now Import the CCS project into CCS and go on

    1. To Import the project, Go to File -> Import -> "CCS projects" in "C/C++" -> Browse "Select Search-directory". make sure to uncheck the "Copy Projects into Workspace" (This is to avoid compilation errors only If TI-RTOS SDK was installed in a different location than "C:\ti\").

    Please follow the steps shown in the video to run DSP UART examples in K2H EVM.

    1. Now, we have the DSP example project

      1. UART_BasicExample_K2H_c66xDMATestProject

      2. UART_BasicExample_K2H_c66xExampleProject

      3. UART_BasicExample_K2H_c66xTestProject 

    2. And the ARM example project

      1. UART_BasicExample_k2h_armDMATestproject

      2. UART_BasicExample_K2H_armExampleProject

      3. UART_BasicExample_k2h_armTestproject

    3. Do not open ARM and DSP examples at the same time, CCS will throw the project out-of-sync error dialog.

      1. Both DSP and ARM project uses "HelloWorld.c" where NIMU IP configuration is stored. The same code changes are applicable for ARM and DSP projects.

    4. Now, Re-Build the project by selecting the project and then right-click to select "Rebuild".  
      1. Check for the "Build Finished" message without errors and valid warnings.
    5. Now, Make sure the device is in No-Boot mode for emulation.  as mentioned in the Technical reference manual

    6. Now, Identify the USB port in the Device manager 
    7. Refer to the following videos for different UART example projects
      1. UART DMA TEST 
      3. UART TEST

    Thanks & regards,

    Rajarajan U