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[FAQ] TDA4VM: Steps for executing linux DSS on SDK

Part Number: TDA4VM

What are the steps for executing linux DSS on SDK?

  • Note : Please ensure that the DSS module is working fine on the RTOS side (i.e., Please run a vision_apps demo in the RTOS SDK which uses the display)

    Please follow the below steps to run the DSS (Display SubSystem) hardware on Linux using tidss driver

    Step 1 : Disable all the DSS related macros in ${PSDKRA}/vision_apps/platform/j721e/rtos/common/app_cfg_mcu2_0.h [i.e., ENABLE_DSS_SINGLE or ENABLE_DSS_DUAL (ENABLE_DSS_EDP, ENABLE_DSS_HDMI or ENABLE_DSS_DSI)]

    Step 2 : Clean build vision_apps as shown below

    cd ${PSDKRA}/
    make vision_apps_scrub
    make vision_apps -j

    Step 3 : Copy the file system into the SD using below command

    make linux_fs_install_sd

    Step 4 : In the Linux SDK (i.e., PSDKLA), remove the dss related components that are disabled (i.e., serdes_wiz4, mhdp, dss, main_i2c1) , from the file ${PSDKLA}/board-support/linux-5.10.120+gitAUTOINC+95b90aa828-g95b90aa828/arch/arm64/boot/dts/ti/k3-j721e-vision-apps.dts

    Step 5 : Build the vision_apps overlay using below command

    cd ${PSDKLA}/
    make linux-dtbs

    Step 6 : Copy the file k3-j721e-vision-apps.dtbo present at ${PSDKLA}/board-support/linux-5.10.120+gitAUTOINC+95b90aa828-g95b90aa828/arch/arm64/boot/dts/ti/ to /media/${USER}/rootfs/boot/ and replace the existing file.

    Step 7 : Insert the SD card into the EVM and boot

    Step 8 : Before Login, you would see that the display is detected on the monitor.

    Step 9 : Login as root and do the below command if the weston service is running

    killall weston

    Step 10 : In order to display a pattern on the display, you could run the below command

    modetest -M tidss -s 39@37:1920x1080

    Note : Please check if the port ID is 39 on your device using below command

    modetest -M tidss | grep connected