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Does the CC2340 support for flash programmer?

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I have built the CC2340 example (host_test), which can be burned into the LP-XDS110 + LP-EM-CC2340R5 EVM board using CCS.

It is hoped that the UART of LP-EM-CC2340R5 can be directly used for programming without using LP-XDS110.

Q1: Is it possible to use Flash Programmer 2 or Uniflash tool to burn it?
Q2: Is there any sample code that can be programmed via UART? (bootloader mode)



  • Hi Aries,

    Thank you for reaching out. Apologize for the delayed answer. 

    The CC2340 has a serial bootloader that can be used to flash code - similarly to the CC2642. However, at the moment, we have not published ready-to-use tools to achieve so.

    Q1- Uniflash can be used to flash code on the CC2340. However, Uniflash uses Single Wire Debug (SWD) to flash the code (exactly as CCS does).

    Q2- There is no limitation on the code the bootloader can flash

    I hope this will help,

    Bets regards,

  • Hi Clement,

    The tool means the Uniflash through UART, right ? If customer use "cc13xx-sbl" to flash CC2340R5 through UART, is this feasible ? Customer want to clarify if CC2340R5 bootloader can work now ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Jerry,

    There is no tool available at the moment to use the Serial Boot Loader with CC2340R5.

    The best piece of collateral we currently have is here:  /cfs-file/__key/communityserver-discussions-components-files/538/CC23xx_5F00_BootLoader_5F00_draft.pdf

    Please point the customer to the last section in the document for an example of image update.

    I hope this will help,

    Best regards,

  • Hi Clement,

    The CC2340/ CC2645 EVM is now used for experiments and through XDS110 Class Application/User UART.

    Topology :    

            PC (Fedora)   -----------------  XDS110 Class Application/User UART  ---------- CC2340/CC2645

    Use cc13xx-sbl tools to program (CC2340 & CC2645)

    The device (/dev/ttyACM0) is XDS110 Class Application/User UART


    CC2645 steps:

    1. CC2645 EVM into bootloader mode (Trigger Level of Bootloader Backdoor DIO13 active Low or Use uniFlash to erase Flash)
    2. Reset CC2645 EVM and program correctly.

    CC2340 steps:

    1. CC2340 EVM into bootloader mode (Trigger Level of Bootloader Backdoor DIO21 active LOW  or Use uniFlash to erase Flash)
    2. Reset CC2340 EVM and send 2 bytes with value 0x55 using cc13xx-sbl but no data received. (I have modified the code to debug print to confirm that no ACK or NACK has been received)

    After debugging, it is confirmed that there is a problem with UART Baud Rate Automatic Detection.

    This problem happens at the beginning.

    How to check that CC2340 has entered Bootloader mode? Or how to know that the bootloader is working?


    Bootloader Configration: Default FCFG bootloader

    Example code: host_test



  • Hi Aries,

    Thank you for the details provided.

    Use cc13xx-sbl tools to program (CC2340 & CC2645)

    I am afraid you cannot use the CC13xx bootloader tools to program the CC2340Rx.

    You should rather use the approach described in the document provided earlier.

    I hope this will help,

    Best regards,

  • Hi Clement and Jerry,

    Thanks to local FAE (Jerry) for coming to my office to resolve this issue.

    The root cause is that the physical UART of the CC2340R5 board is different from the UART set by FCFG.

    TXD and RXD of XDS110 needs jumpers to rxDio=20 and txDio=6 of CC2340R5.