XTR300: Max Current Consumption and Input Power Requirement

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Part Number: XTR300

Hello there,

             Hope you are doing well.

             In one of my system i want to use two XTR300 (one for voltage output and one for current output).

            Those both XTR300 will be operated from the same power supply . I have different choice from below options. But to make it lower cost (assume that less current will be lower cost for me)

            1) +-12v (+-33mA)
            2) +-12v(+-43mA)
            3) +-12v(+-75mA)
            4) +-12v(+-83mA)
            5) +-12v(+-100mA)

           1) +-15v(+-25mA)
           2) +-15v(+-33mA)
           3) +-15v(+-43mA)
           4) +-15v(+-83mA).

           in the datasheet supply input current shows +-25mA. But still i want to confirm that is it maximum current xtr300 needs to operate on full scale ?


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  • Hi Bhautik,

    Thank you for your post. I assume you are referring to "ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS" table on page 2 of the datasheet where it says the Signal Input Terminals maximum current is +-25mA. This is the maximum current into the input of the XTR300 that is allowed before device damage may occur. If you sustain +-25mA or more on the inputs of the XTR300, this may cause permanent damage. 

    Please let me know if this is what you were referring to in your post.


  • In reply to Tamara M Alani:

    Hello Tamara,

                    Thanks for your detailed reply.

                    Your reply cleared many things. I just have now concern about the  "V+"(pin 15) and "V-"(pin 11) pin of the XTR300. Are they also limited to the +-25mA. If not then howmuch maximum and howmuch minimum current requires there. As i want to select low lost power source (power supply source) for it.