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How to identify what chip I used SOT23 lmc7101 & OPA735

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I used LMC7101 or OPA735 on a project I started a few months ago and had to put aside. For one reason or another I'm not sure which I used.

Now I have three versions of the board, and I populated two of them with one type amplifier and one of them with the other. At least, I think I did this much. My reasoning is because two of them have the same markings on the chip, one of them has a different set.

But how do I identify what kind of markings either chip uses? It's a SOT23-5 device and both say "NSC"  The only difference is a squiggle and dot variance between the two!

I rechecked the datasheet, it says nothing for how they should be marked.

I searched google for photos of either chip, without any sufficient resolution.  

I feel very silly asking "what chip did I use" but is there any way to identify these chips from the packaging labels?

Thanks! Any help appreciated. 

  • Hello,

    The device markings are shown on the Package Option Addendum page towards the back of the datasheet.

    The OPA735 is marked with NSC and the LMC7101 is marked with A00A, A00B or AT6A.


  • Michael! Thank you! I am somewhat of a beginner and didn't pick up on that. I'm not sure how, since like I said I did go through it looking for that kind of information.


    seems like I used the same chip in the end...Both have NSC and have a cryptic difference in dots, but I won't think too much of it. Now for continuing my troubleshooting march to try and figure out why one board works and two won't......
  • Hello Tomek,

    Please note that the LMC7101 has "reversed" power supply pins compared to the OPA735.

    There are several different SOT pin-outs - so you must be very careful to compare pinouts when substituting or specifying replacement/upgrade parts.