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INA169: Interfacing INA169 with raspberry pi

Part Number: INA169
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: INA219, , ADS1115, INA240, INA199, LMP8640HV, INA282


I'm using INA219 with my raspberry for measuring voltages and current. For measuring current from a source with range 48v-57v, I'm thinking of using INA169. But INA169 does not have I2C kind of interface like INA219 in order to interface it with raspberry. So can I make connection in such a way that the output of INA169 is given as input to INA219 and I2C lines of INA219 to raspberry. There by I can measure output of INA169 with raspberry.

Or is there any monitoring IC available with I2C interface that can handle 48-57V? 

  • sudhanthiradasan R,

    One device that may satisfy your requirements is the LM5056 which has I2C and measures bus voltages up to 80V.

    Depending on the nature of your application, the current to measure, acceptable error and power loss, speed of data required, it may be better to select an analog output current sense amplifier and pair it with an analog to digital converter. Feel free to fill us in more on your desired circuit goals and we're happy to help.
  • But I could not able to find any breakout board for LM5056. Can i able to monitor INA169 with the help of INA219 in raspberry?

  • sudhanthiradasan R,

    If you're only concerned with current measurements and not power measurements, you can operate this device in a low-side configuration with the load between the supply and sense resistor, much like this:

    I am not familiar with the offerings of raspberry Pi hats with current sensors, but a quick search on ADAFRUIT brought up this ADS1115 ADC board which has an I2C interface.  You could connect an analog output sensor (much in the way the INA199 is shown above) to measure high side current with the INA169.  We have evaluation boards for different products that could be wired up to the ADS1115 if you don't want to make your own board.  I would suggest looking the INA282 family or the INA240 family or the LMP8640HV family as those are all high voltage analog output products.