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High slew rate OPAMP

Other Parts Discussed in Thread: OPA2350, OPA2837, OPA2810

Hello all,

In one of my pulsed amplifier application,

I am using an OPAMP (OPA2350) as a non-inverting Amplifier.

The pulse width is 200ns to 10us.

I am facing the following Issues.

1. The pulse width shrinks by 50 ns (because of slew rate). Can you suggest a similar OPAMP with same package(SO8) which can work for the specified narrow pulse width (higher slew rate).

I have attached the reference schematic (buffer,amplifier and comparator,buffer)

Please ignore the comparator, as I will use a Comparator as indicated in the forum.

Please suggest



  • Well there are plenty of parts with higher slew rate than the x350

    1st, do you need RRIO? if so that limits your choices pretty quickly - if you can use negative rail in, RRout, looks at the OPA2837.

    You could look at the OPA2810, if you need RRIO. 

    Also, reduce R17 to 20ohm. 

  • Hi Narendra,

    Per Michael's recommendation, I put a simulation of 200nsec pulse width application for you. It does not look bad, but here is what you need to do in order to meet the pulse timing requirements (You may need to optimize the following circuit, since I did not spend a great deal to make it better. But It is doable).

    1. reduced the number of buffers and gain circuits after the pulse input generator.  

    2. Reduce the power supply's voltage level, especially for the comparators.

    3. Trigger the comparator at lower voltage level in order to have a faster edge responses (as long as it does not give you a false trigger). 


    If you need further assistant, please let us know.