CDCE6214: Use case as zero delay buffer

Part Number: CDCE6214

Hello support team,

We are researching zero delay buffer with level shifter.

I can found zero delay mode in CDCE6214.

Is it possible to do with CDCE6214?

* Clock rate : 148MHz

* Input : 3.3V

* Output : 1.8V

* Propagation delay : zero (please let me know the min/max value)

If you have any alternative options, please let me know.

Best Regards

Hirokazu Takahashi

  • Hi Hirokazu,

    There's internal feedback and external feedback options. External feedback can provide better alignment. The actual delay also depends on the PCB trace length. Regardless, the delay variation is less than +/-400ps in the datasheet. 


  • Hello Hao

    Thanks for your prompt support.

    Can CDCE6214 support the different voltage at Input and Output?

    Input is 3.3V, Output is 1.8V

    Best Regards,

    Hirokazu Takahashi

  • Hello Takahashi-san,

    I see your point, the datasheet never explicitly states if the VDD_REF, VDD_VCO, VDDO_12, or VDDO_34 can be connect to different or the same supply rail.

    In... section 10.2.2 it says,

    "1. 1. Either tie the power supply pin (VDD_REF, VDD_VCO, VDDO_12 and VDDO_34) together or independently connect them to the 1.8-V, 2.5-V, or 3.3-V power supply."

    I expect this means they can be the same or different voltage rails.  Allowing different voltage rails would meet your requirement for 3.3-V input and 1.8-V output, but I will double confirm and we will let you know.


  • Yes it allows different voltage rails.