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[FAQ] How do the LSF translators work?

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FAQ: Logic and Voltage Translation > Voltage Translators >> Current FAQ

The LSF family of translators generates more questions than any other device in the translation portfolio. These devices are internally relatively simple, so we find it easier to explain how the whole part works rather than trying to answer every question that comes along.  If your question doesn't get answered by the information provided in this page, please click the "Ask a related question" link at the top of the page and ask us directly.

This video series provides a quick look at how the LSF devices achieve auto-bidirectional translation.  Each video is under 5 minutes.

The Logic Minute: Understanding the LSF Family of Bidirectional, Multi-Voltage Level Translators

Refer to the application note on the working of the LSF devices.

LSF family of devices

Device Channels Features
LSF0101 1
LSF0102 2
LSF0204 4

Integrated bias resistor (200kohm)

Active HIGH output enable

LSF0204D 4

Integrated bias resistor

Active LOW output enable

LSF0108 8
LSF0102-Q1 2 AEC-Q100 Automotive qualified
LSF0204-Q1 4

AEC-Q100 Automotive qualified

Integrated bias resistor (200kohm)

Active HIGH output enable

LSF0108-Q1 8 Automotive Qualified