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MSP430F2619S-HT: Custom programmer/debugger/emulator solution?

Part Number: MSP430F2619S-HT
Other Parts Discussed in Thread: MSP-FET


I see that there is a customizable hardware project (eZ-FET Emulation IP) for MSP430 devices that support Spy-By-Wire. I believe this particular part number only supports 4-wire JTAG per Table 14 in SLAU320AH. Is there a hardware project similar to the eZ-FET Emulation IP that can be customized to program/debug/emulate this device through 4-wire JTAG?

Thank you.

  • All TI FET's are with open software / hardware. Firmware source for all of them is here...


    I didn't look this sources for long time, but I guess that is possible to take 4-wire interface source from one and insert to another (where SBW is only supported), or just to modify some #DEFINE to change interface.

    If just flasher is enough for you (without break point debugging) there is also slau320 that support SBW and 4-wire JTAG..

  • I there I'm familiar with slau320 and I'll be looking into modifying that for production programming if I can't find a FET reference design for 4-wire JTAG. Ideally I would like to replicate most of the MSP-FET functionality on my host programmer/emulator board, but I'll take what I can get. I have found hardware schematics for the MSP-FET and eZ-FET but no firmware for the former and only a binary file firmware for the latter, I haven't found source code for any of these.

    Due to my project schedule I may not even have time to work on adapting slau320 for use with USB, so I'm reaching out to see if I'm not looking in the right places or if what I'm looking for just doesn't exist.

  • On this page http://www.ti.com/tool/MSPDS

    download 2nd table item...

    MSPDS-OPEN-SOURCE MSP Debug Stack Open Source Package (MSP Debug Stack sources as well as source code for MSP-FET, MSP-FET430-UIF and eZ-FET firmware, tested on Windows and Linux and OS X.

    ... and there you will find firmware sources (in C, not binary) for MSP-FET, and MSP430 DLL source for PC side that is used by  msp flasher that is also open source.

  • Great, thank you! I must have glossed over that package at least 20 times.