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[FAQ] PSPICE-FOR-TI: Install and Use PSpice for TI

Part Number: PSPICE-FOR-TI

This FAQ covers various topics related to obtaining and using PSpice for TI.


Does PSpice for TI need a license to run?

Will my PSpice for TI license expire?

Are there limitations to the number of licenses I can hold for the PSpice for TI tool?

What is the process to migrate my Pspice for TI license to a new computer?

I get license expiration warning in the middle of my session using PSpice for TI. What should I do?

I was able to use PSpice for TI for the past couple of months. Suddenly I restarted my application and I cannot use it anymore? Why?

How long can I be offline while running the PSpice for TI application?

Do I need to be connected to Internet when I launch PSpice for TI for the first time?


How do I get PSpice for TI?

How long will my download link be valid? How do I get a new download link?

What is an access key?

What happens if I lose my PSpice for TI Access Key?

Can I use the same Access Key to install PSpice for TI on multiple machines?

When I use the Access Key with PSpice for TI Installer, it gives me an error?

Does my Access Key have an expiration date? Do I have to renew it periodically?

My PSpice for TI software download failed in middle of downloading software? What do I do?

I cannot install PSpice for TI. The error message says "An Internal error occurred" with (-8) or (-12)

I cannot install PSpice for TI. The error message says "the required files cannot be read from the server".

Can I get the PSpice for TI package for installing offline?

I am getting User Max Hosts exceeded message while trying to register. What does that mean?

Do I need to be connected to internet while installing the PSpice for TI software?

I already have the full commercial version of Cadence SPB/PSpice/OrCAD/Allegro. Can I still run PSpice for TI?

Simulating Your Design

Why can't I plot more than three signals in PSpice for TI?

Share Your Design

How do I share PSpice for TI projects?

TI Model Library

How to get the latest TI models?

How can I add all the PSpice for TI model libraries to the commercial version of PSpice/SPB/Orcad?

Use 3-party Models

How do I import a 3rd-party model into PSpice for TI?

How do I use my own diode (BJT, MOSFET ...) model for the breakout part in PSpice for TI?

Can I define my own model in PSpice for TI?

When something goes wrong

PSpice gave an error message about missing ".ENDS" in my model (or, PSpice says "Name on .ENDS does not match .SUBCKT"). How to fix this?

Where do I find the installation log, cdsPspiceTIlog.txt?  

What do I do if PSpice for TI has crashed or quit unexpectedly?

What information is needed for troubleshooting?

My simulation fails to converge and says "INFO(ORPSIM-16594): To improve Pseudotransient Convergence and Performance, set following options: PTRANABSTOL=1e-5, PTRANVNTOL=1e-4". What should I do?