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    Thank you for following TI’s Tools Insider blog. Moving forward, all new posts about embedded development tools and software will be published on ConnecTIng Wirelessly, MSP low-power plays or The Process. Existing Tools Insider content will continue to be searchable on the web and TI.com.

    We invite you to subscribe to one of the three embedded processing blogs for technical solutions, industry trends and insights…

  • From the Experts: Perform cyclic redundancy checking using linker-generated CRC tables

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: CONTROLSUITE

    To verify code and/or data integrity, TI’s microcontroller (MCU) Code-Generation Tools (CGTs), including the C2000™ MCU CGT, the MSP430™ MCU CGT and the TI ARM CGT, support cyclic redundancy checking (CRC). This method can greatly enhance the performance of your embedded design and is easy to use, once you understand the basics of how CRC works. The focus of this blog post will…

  • Data blocking in the C2000 MCU compiler explained

    At some point, C2000TM microcontroller (MCU) compiler users might have encountered scenarios where holes are observed within memory sections, or the linker is unable to place a section even though the available memory is larger than the section. These are likely a result of data blocking[1], which is a side-effect of data page pointer (DP) load optimization – an optimization automatically performed by the compiler. Before…

  • Using OpenCLTM to offload to C66x DSPs on Sitara™ AM572x processors

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: MATHLIB, AM5728, PROCESSOR-SDK-AM57X

    Customers traditionally approach the programming of complex ARM® + C66x digital signal processor (DSP) systems on chip (SoCs) such as TI’s Sitara™ AM57x SoC by focusing on manually partitioning the application across the ARM cores and DSPs and hand-optimizing the appropriate sections of the application for the given core. This approach tends to yield the…

  • Get a FREE Code Composer Studio license with select TI kits and debug probes

    We are running an exclusive promotion on the TI Store for a full Code Composer Studio™ integrated development environment (IDE) node-locked license (a $445 value) bundled with select TI LaunchPadTM development kits and debug probes at no additional charge.

    This is a full CCS IDE license and is not code-size limited or tied to a particular development board.

    The list of bundles available with this promotion will…

  • 5 Code Composer Studio tricks that even Ki-Soo Lee himself doesn't know

    Guest blog authored by Jan Cumps in celebration of Ki-Soo Lee Day Monday, April 25th. #KiSooLeeDay

    1. Use the Git plug-in

    Software geeks have known it forever that version control is your friend. And this friend is available to firmware gurus too: The Eclipse Git Team Provider.

    Get yourself a GitHub account and you’ll never ever have to fear again to start that refactoring exercise that you know your project will need…

  • From the Experts: Debugging and Optimization

    Does debug affect optimization? Does optimization affect debug?

    A compiler’s main job is to generate instructions and data directives that implement your C/C++ source code. However, compilers have additional responsibilities. For example, compilers act as code-optimization tools, performing program transformations that improve the execution time and reduce the memory footprint of your source programs. Compilers are also…

  • From the Experts: Accessing files and libraries from a linker command file (LCF)

     Many applications built with TI Code Generation Tools utilize custom linker command files (or LCFs) to control the placement of code and data in target memory. For example, you may want to collect a group of commonly used utility functions into a specific area of target memory. This is simple to do using the available LCF syntax to reference the desired object file or library. However, a problem that many developers run…

  • Don’t miss out: New product demos featured at SPS IPC Drives 2015

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: DESIGNDRIVE, CONTROLSUITE, DRV8305, DRV8301

    On November 24-26, the C2000™ microcontroller (MCU) team exhibited at the SPS IPC Drives 2015 show in Nuremburg, Germany. The show boasted more than 64,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors all focused on delivering solutions for the Smart Factory environment.

    On the exhibition floor, the team showcased several new demonstrations including the…

  • Don’t miss out on the top training videos of 2015

    The year is winding down and we want to help you get a few things crossed off on your to do list.  To help, below we captured the top series and/or videos you must watch before 2016. Happy developing!


  • From the Experts: Executing code from RAM using TI compilers

     Many TI processors and microcontrollers (MCUs) store code in flash memory and then execute out of that same flash memory. When the CPU core is running at full frequency, wait states must be introduced on reads from flash memory. This can have a significant performance impact on the application. RAM typically operates with 0 wait states, even at full frequency. It can be very beneficial for performance-critical functions…

  • The power of a GUI simplifies the design of digital power factor correction

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: POWERSUITE, SFRA

    The power of a GUI simplifies the design of digital power factor correction

    When looking at power conversion systems that can take advantage of digital control techniques, it is obvious and expected to look for power factor correction (PFC) systems.  The control loops are typically running at quicker speeds to accommodate the faster switching frequency of the PFC power stage…

  • Introducing the new SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green open hardware computer

    BeagleBoard.org has collaborated with Seeed Studio to produce a new variant of BeagleBoard.org BeagleBone Black, designed for makers and developers. This new open hardware board is called the SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green. You must be thinking, so what’s different about this one and is it really colored green?

    The SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green, like the BeagleBoard.org BeagleBone Black, runs on a Texas Instruments…

  • New low-cost tool for Sitara AM437x processors is now available!

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: AM4378

    The new Sitara AM437x Starter Kit is now available for order entry. We have plenty of inventory so place your order and it will ship immediately.

    The AM437x Starter Kit features a 1GHz AM4378 processor; dual Gb Ethernet port; 4.3" capacitive touch screen LCD; on board camera module; 64 MB QSPI-NOR flash; and more.

    The AM437x Starter Kit is only $249 so it's the fastest, most economical…

  • Debug Applications with Code Composer Studio Cloud

    Cloud-based development tools tend to be limited in the types of debug capabilities they offer.  Typically you only have the ability to program your development board and view console output. The latest version of TI's Code Composer Studio cloud-based IDE  takes this to another level.  

    The debugging features of Code Composer Studio Cloud now include:

    • Stepping control
    • Breakpoints
    • Variables view
    • Callstack

    The new debugging…

  • TI-RTOS power management features: The Inside Story

     TI-RTOS power management sets the standard for low-power microcontroller (MCU) applications. We are excited to announce two new videos that will enable you to learn more about this technology. The first video provides an architectural overview of the power management features and how they work. You will learn what tick suppression is and why it’s critical in low-power applications before diving into a detailed overview…

  • Taking C2000™ LaunchPad to the next level

    Many designers are looking for ways to cut costs without sacrificing performance, quality and reliability in their solutions.  In fact, the inverse is true when it comes to technology development because designers expect new processing solutions to be more powerful than their predecessors, yet cost less. 

    The C2000™ microcontroller (MCU) team already provides compelling MCU solutions that include the performance and system…

  • QNX Neutrino 6.6.0 Board Support Package for AM437x

    While browsing the QNX website, I was happy to find out that QNX now has a Neutrino 6.6.0 Board Support Package (BSP) for the AM437x EVM. 

    You can find it here: http://community.qnx.com/sf/wiki/do/viewPage/projects.bsp/wiki/TiAm437xGp_evm 

    QNX offers solutions for automotive, industrial, medical, networking, telecommunications, security & defense.

  • Herculean performance in a low-cost development kit: TI’s newest LaunchPad

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: DP83630, CC3100

     In a recent post about functional safety, ‘Better safe than sorry: The role of functional safety in our daily lives,’ the author presents a case for how functional safety is becoming critical for a variety of systems that touch our daily lives. From the cars we drive, to the elevators we ride, to the medical equipment we use, industry standards set functional safety…

  • Pin Configuration in the Cloud with PinMux

    The latest version of TI's PinMux tool is available in the Cloud.  Visit dev.ti.com to browse through the TI Cloud Tools and select PinMux.  PinMux is a software tool which provides a Graphical User Interface for configuring pin multiplexing settings, resolving conflicts and specifying I/O cell characteristics. Results are output as C header/code files that can be added to projects. 

    Using the tool is very simple.  

  • Application Development in the Cloud for ultra-low-power MSP MCUs

    When you are starting development, there are many items required before you can begin working. You need a development board like a LaunchPad, some sort of development environment, driver libraries, examples and documentation, etc... Finding and setting up all of these items can take significant time. When your new LaunchPad arrives, the last thing you want to do is find and install all of these other items. You want to…

  • Code Composer Studio MacOS beta for MSP430

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: MSP-EXP430FR5969, MSP-EXP430F5529LP

    Supporting Code Composer Studio on Mac has been one of the most common, if not the most common, request we have had from users on the E2E forums.  It has been a long journey but we now have a beta version of Code Composer Studio supporting MSP430 microcontrollers available for anyone to try.  This release is based off of CCSv6.1.0 which we recently released…

  • Better safe than sorry: The role of functional safety in our daily lives

    Machines are playing an increasing role in our daily lives, from semi-autonomous cars to helping doctors diagnose illnesses to managing our energy resources or financial markets. These tasks can be challenging and machines could handle these responsibilities more efficiently and reliably than a human ever could.

    Some of these responsibilities, by nature, are more critical than others. If the energy grid goes down or a…

  • Digital Power BoosterPack and powerSUITE software tools give developers the power to innovate

    Today is the first day on the floor at the Applied Power Electronics Conference and Expo (APEC), and we’re surrounded by power enthusiasts of every kind, from recent college graduates to esteemed experts in the field, and from analog power gurus to digital power specialists. No matter your background, the new set of tools we’re announcing today may be useful to you if you’re considering digital power for your next application…

  • New Hardware Modules Now Available for AM437x Processors

    Other Parts Discussed in Post: TPS65218

    Five of our valued third party design partners have created hardware modules to help you get to market faster with Sitara™ AM437x processors.

    1. SVTronics – SOM437X Board

    SOM437X is a System-On-Module for AM437x CPU. It has AM437x, DDR3, PMIC(TPS65218), eMMC or NAND FLASH, Gigabit PHY on board and uses 2.0mm DIP connector. Except for the DDR3 pins and power pins all CPU…