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[FAQ] How do you drive a capacitive load? - summary of amplifier loop stability presentations

Connecting a capacitor on the output of an op amp can often lead to oscillations instead of the expected response.  Also, the amplifier feedback resistors can interact with the amplifier input capacitance causing oscillations. These issues are called op amp loop stability.  There are multiple different ways to determine if your circuit is unstable, and also multiple ways to solve stability problems.  Below are links to good articles, presentations, and videos on the subject.  I hope this is helpful to you!



 Solving Op Amp Stability 2015_TG+CW.pdf

This presentation introduces Op Amp Stability Basics.  Multiple simulation, and calculation methods describe how to determine if a circuit is stable.  Methods for correcting stability issues with Riso, and feedback capacitors are covered.  Methods for determining output impedance are covered.  Dual feedback path topologies are covered.  Finally, 9 different ways to stabilize a circuit are covered.

 VtoI Ampifier Design for Inductive Loads_RevF.pdf

This content will focus on the concepts presented for V I Circuits driving Inductive loads.  Detailed definition by example circuits contain formulae for re use.  We will be focusing on the key points of these designs.  Presentation is available to refer back to for detailed design help

 Stability - Introduction 

Phase margin

Spice simulation 

Measuring system stability

Capacitive loads

Isolation resistor

Stability - Lab

 TI video series on the subject of stability.

 Determine Optimal Isolation Resistance for Driving Capacitive Load

 Article simplifying the selection of isolation resistance.

 Stability in a Nutshell.pdf

 Short summary on key points of stability.